Ocular Migraines – what the heck are they?!


**This is only my opinion and what I have connected to them**

I’ll start by giving a bit of history about my run in’s with ocular migraines. It was almost 3 years ago. I was working at A.C Moore, sitting at a table in the middle of the aisle, waiting for customers to approach my table and enjoy a craft with me. My job duties were perfectly fitting for me. Create, serve, and organize. I can honestly say I’ve only had two jobs that fulfilled my soul to the core; that one and the one I have now doing readings online. Anywho, there I was sitting, smiling and content when all of the sudden my left eye decided it wanted to perform a light show for me.

In the far left area of my left eye was a small brilliant blue splash of flickering laser-like lights. Curious, I focused on it, catching white, yellow and dark blue colors in it as well. My first reaction was panic. I thought I was having a stroke, panic attack, or about to pass out…or all of the above being a hypochondriac. The lights made their way from the far corner of my eye, up into the center, and out. This took about 3-4 minutes although it seemed like forever. About an hour later I had a horrible headache on my left side of my head. Later, I learned that both one of my sisters and my mom experience the same things and that they were called ocular migraines.

-I do not get headaches very often at all and never have had a migraine in my life before this-

A few days passed and I learned I was pregnant with my third child. Bringing it up to my obstetrician, we both chalked it up to being hormone related. Months passed, I gave birth to my son and life went on. About 5 months later I began getting up very early in the mornings, grabbing my coffee and researching on the internet. I read about everything I could; angels, tarot, astrology, astronomy, ascended masters, even scriptures of the bible which I have never read. Anything I knew, I wanted to learn more. I took notes on everything I could all the while thinking I was losing my mind…but hey, I was having fun doing it at least! Almost every morning during my researching kicks, those light shows would join me. I can honestly say that the most irritating part of these ocular migraines is that they block out more than 50% of your vision. I have bad eyes to begin with so this really irked me. Sometimes the headache would follow but not always. I wondered if it had anything to do with glaring at the computer screen. So I added to my list of things to research – ocular migraines. Medically, doctors aren’t sure what causes them, but that the area affected is the brain and because a common symptom is the flickering, colorful laser blotches, they are ocular (involving the eyes). They may be genetic as well. Well I could have told ya that! :)

Finally, two days ago, I had the mother of all ocular migraines. My husband and I fell asleep on the couch watching tv. I woke up to the middle of the next episode of the show we were watching and not wanting to spoil it I quickly tried to put something else on and go back to sleep haha. Well wouldn’t you know…I could see about 20% of what I was looking at. It was a huge, purple, pink, gold and white mass violently flickering. “oh no,” was what I said to myself, changing the tv channel finally. I closed my eyes still ‘looking’ at it. I knew I just had to let it run its course.

Now, here are the questions I ask:

  • Are the ocular migraines caused by a hormonal imbalance?
  • Are they related to the Angels being that the colors I’ve experienced are associated with Archangel Michael and Ariel? Possibly more than one at a time?
  • Do they have a connection with stimulation of the pineal gland?
  • Could it be linked to fulfilling a life’s purpose with mine being creating and helping others?

They don’t scare me or put my in panic anymore but I do wish I knew for sure why they occur. I have my hunches though. I was advised to try to surround myself with the light they bring by my husband. They don’t have a pattern yet that I see so I will have to remember for next time.

Love, Light, & Blessings






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