Love Spread


This spread is useful when involved in a relationship and also when looking for love.

1      2      3      4      5

  1. How you love yourself. – This card can work hand in hand with card # 3, especially if you are experiencing self-esteem issues. In order for love to flow effortlessly, you must love yourself just as well.
  2. How you love others. – This card will represent how you love other people, what your role typically is in a relationship and also picks up on the persons preferences.
  3. What may be blocking the flow of love. – This card may provide details to card # 1 or state what is holding you back from receiving or thriving in love.
  4. What can help invite love into your life. – This card will indicate what is needed to remedy a weakness and encourage strengths.
  5. What can serve you to keep you on the path of love. – This card will indicate your goals both in and out of a relationship, stating whether or not you are on the correct path.

Love, Light & Blessings,




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