Home Sweet Home Tarot Spread


A spread that is useful when anticipating a move to further explore your future at a new location!


6           7

4           5


1         2

(Cards 1,2,3 = path)

(Cards 4,5,6,7,8 = at the new location)

  1. Where you are coming from – The basis.
  2. Where you are currently – Your current state.
  3. Where you are headed – goals, emotions, situations likely to happen.
  4. The door – What is needed to make the move.
  5. The new environment – What will the location be like.
  6. Emotional potentials – How you will feel at the new location.
  7. Financial/ job potentials – New career potentials, success, or failure.
  8. Overall outlook – Use this card in conjunction with the previous 7 cards to finalize the outcome.


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