Something Has Shifted


…and when I say that it is with great caution.
The past month or so, my husband and have been slowly moving through…I guess what I’ll call a transition period. I gained two jobs, he lost his and gained one from his past. Our house more than ever does not feel like home. Our moods have been down, confused, and well…just vacant. I’m a huge fan of asking people what they’re thinking about and when I asked my husband and he said nothing…I knew it was just another part of this ‘funk.’

As I reached out to others I found that we weren’t the only ones feeling completely lost and directionless! Blame it on the weather, the energy waves, the economy, yr bad habits…whatever it is/was I think is finally starting to move from our lives.
I’ve done 3 readings in the past 48 hours and they all had to do with moving. There’s even more people that I know personally that are contemplating moving. I think people just might be starting to realize….wait a second…is this really where I can thrive? Is this place really what’s best for me or my family? Where can I be most happiest. And most importantly…is this where I’m supposed to be?
I think it’s awesome. I think we should allow ourselves to wonder and not panic at the thought of change. I get really excited when people talk about re-evaluation. To me, it’s the ONLY thing that signifies growth and expansion.

your-destination_0Love, Light, & Blessings,
♥ StarzKarmicKyra



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