Life Path Compatibility


Each Life Path has a set of other Life Path numbers that they are most compatible with. This compatibility is good to consider in relationships, both romantic and friendly, and to learn which Life Paths will be more difficult to maintain a relationship with. This should not dictate whether or not a specific relationship works… it’s just something fun to explore!

*Take note that if you are considering a Master Number such as 11, 22, 33, or 44, add these numbers together to arrive at a digit 1-9 (i.e 11 is 1+1=2, 22 is 2+2= 4 etc.).

Life Path #1

  • Most compatible with 3 and 5.
  • Least compatible with 8

Both the 3 and 5 Life Path’s are equipped to tolerate the assertive traits of the 1. Life Path 3’s are not big fans of taking life too seriously and Life Path 5’s are notorious for there flexibility, thus allowing the 1 to showcase there dominance without anyone feeling inadequate. 3 and 5’s can bring the 1 balance, to laugh at themselves once in a while and remind them to go with the flow. Alternatively, Life Path 1’s will struggle the most with Life Path 8’s as they may tend to step on each others toes. Both want to be the authoritative figure and can easily find themselves in a state of constant competition. However, if the 1 and the 8 recognize their strengths together, they can make the most dynamic team.

Life Path #2

  • Most compatible with 8 and 9
  • Least compatible with 5 and 7

The 8 provides 2 with financial and romantic stability and the 9 provides the support and love that the 2 values most in their relationships. Life Path 2’s are able to show Life Path 8’s their sensitive side and open their eyes to the emotions of others. It is a case of ‘opposites attract’ with a 2 and an 8, while the 2 is emotion, the 8 is logic. 2’s appreciate the humanitarian side to the Life Path 9 and both work harmoniously towards goals that benefit others. Both the 8 and 9 fully support the goals and values of their partner 2. On the other hand, the 2 may find the 5 a little too irresponsible and a Life Path 7 can be entirely too introverted and serious for the 2.

Life Path #3

  • Most compatible with 5 and 1
  • Least compatible with 6 and 8

Life Path 5’s value the same things as a 3, adventure and unpredictability, so it goes without saying that they compliment each other and most likely will always see eye to eye. Life Path 1’s can provide the 3’s the push they need to get things done; 3 is the creator while 1 is the do-er.  Life Path 3’s have a natural gift for stroking the 1’s ego. However, a Life Path 6 cannot tolerate the 3’s lack of focus at times and although a 3 may find themselves very attracted to an 8’s authoritative nature initially, the 8’s constant criticism will drive the 3 crazy.

Life Path #4

  • Most compatible with 2 and 8
  • Least compatible with 1 and 9

Life Path 2’s and 4’s make great couples because when they combine, they are complete comfort and balance. The 4 is practical and grounded, perfectly balancing 2’s sensitivity and need for stability. Life Path 8’s combined with 4’s, work together harmoniously because they share such similar goals. They both crave stability and build efficiently towards their futures. 4’s and 8’s form a very strong bond and it is not uncommon that their relationships last lifetimes. Alternatively, Life Path 1 and Life Path 4 will find each other to be boring and the 9 and 1 combination rarely make any lasting connections.

Life Path #5

  • Most compatible 1, 3 and 7
  • Least compatible 4, 8 and 9

A Life Path 5 will almost never be bored with a Life Path 1. The 5 and 1 combination is one that makes people ask, ‘what’s your secret?’ as their relationship is wholesome with shared dreams and goals. Life Path 5’s and Life Path 3’s are able to communicate very well and find each other fascinating. The 5 is easily connected intellectually and spiritually to the 7 and both enjoy their independence without it causes a riff between the two. Life Path 5’s will quickly discover the incompatibility with Life Path 4 as these two are polar opposites. 5’s crave adventure where 4’s crave stability. The same can be said for the 5 and 8 combination as the 5 wants freedom and the 8 loves rules. Life Path 9’s also regard the 5’s love for freedom as irresponsibility.

Life Path #6

  • Most compatible with 6 and 9
  • Least compatible with 5 and 7

A combination of two Life Path 6’s are the most loyal to one another. This makes them very comfortable in each others company and have what is known as an ‘easy love.’ Life Path 6’s with Life Path 9’s create a beautiful balance of give and take because both are self-sacrificing and caring and each others short-comings are easily overlooked. On the other hand, a Life Path 6 and 5 may find each other irresistible in the physical sense, their relationship will remain shallow. The 6 and 7 both have very different ways of showing love creating hurt feelings and misunderstandings. More often than not they can develop a love-hate relationship.

Life Path #7

  • Most compatible with 5 and 7
  • Least compatible with 3 and 6

Life Path 7’s appreciate the freedom and lust for life that a Life Path 5 very much values. It’s as if both have their own interests and reunite mentally through their spiritual beliefs and intellectual likeness. A Life Path 7 paired with another 7 is a rare connection although, when it occurs, the people involved often feel a ‘soul mate like connection,’ as if no one has ever ‘understood them’ the way they do. However, Life Path 7’s require peace and solitude to recharge which the 3 is naturally resistant to and the 7-6 combination have two very distinct styles of love which can create unnecessary animosity.

Life Path #8

  • Most compatible with 2 and 4
  • Least compatible with 1 and 5

Authoritive Life Path 8’s will thrive best with nurturing Life Path 2’s. 2’s are capable of reminding the 8 to be aware and considerate of other peoples emotions that the 8, at times, can forget. Life Path 4’s and 8’s do well together as they both have a clear goal of what they want in their lives and can work together in achieving them very quickly. Alternatively, an 8 and 1 combination will require the two to put their differences aside and compromise. Both want the leader position, both want to instill rules and both will not tolerate nonsense. These two can work together beautifully if they can set their egos aside. Life Path 8’s will very much dislike Life Path 5’s distaste for rules and regulations, thus creating a significant clash.

Life Path #9

  • Most compatible with 2 and 6
  • Least compatible with 5 and 8

Life path 2’s will lovingly see straight through the Life Path 9’s arrogance and love them for who they truly are on the inside. Life Path 6’s share the overall value of benefiting community with Life Path 9’s and create a yin/yang balance with sacrifice and receiving. Alternatively, a 9 will perceive a 5 as ‘flaky’ and irresponsible and the 9 and 8 do not share common goals and have very differing opinions causing tension if the two cannot reach compromise.

While Life Path Compatibility can help us to understand how and why a relationship works and who it works with, we must utilize our own discretion. These are numerically driven attempts at explaining. Any combination of numbers can, in theory, work together if both parties compromise and push their egos to the side. My husband and I are 8 and 9. According to numerology, we should almost always be on opposing sides, but we respect each other enough to listen to each other, reach common ground, and move forward. If you love someone enough, no number can dictate otherwise.

Love, Light, & Blessings,



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