What’s In a Name?


But numbers of course! A name number is also referred to as a Destiny Number. Here is how you can calculate your name number which correlates with a number 1-9 or a Master Number, which also has a meaning.


This is the chart that English speakers use. 26 letters divided into 9 columns. I have seen several ways to calculate a name number using just the first name, the name you are commonly called (or nickname), first and middle name, first and given last name, and first, middle, and given last name. The way I like to do it is by the name you are most commonly called, or comfortable with, plus the middle name, plus the last.

Write your name out with plenty of space, plug in the numbers, add each name individually, add the numbers from each name, reduce until you’ve reached a number 1 – 9 or a Master number.
Here’s an example before I lose you:
-The name I go by –


My name (or destiny number) is 11.

As for the definitions, some numerologists refer to the life path number interpretations, there is more to be said for name numbers however.

Stay tuned for Destiny Number (Name Number) meanings!

Have an awesome day!

Love, Light, & Blessings,


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