Cleromancy – reading dice


…or divination by throwing dice or casting lots. Specifically, dice fortune telling.

The practice of reading dice is one which goes back thousands of years…even before tarot cards and astrology! African witch doctors used their version of a 6 sided die, Tibetan Monks’ dice reading technique was called Sho-Mo, Egyptians and Romans practiced Cleromancy and Hindus used Ramalas which have 4 dice and spun on a rod.

I stumbled upon ‘dice reading’ about a year ago and was immediately curious about it. I scoured my house to find the required 3 dice needed to have a successful ‘reading’ and studied the definitions of each number as the top of the dice would show when rolled.
The 3 dice will show (when rolled together) a sum of numbers from 3 to 18, making 16 outcomes or meanings. Here are the meanings;

3. luck or a surprise
4. unpleasantness
5. a wish coming true
6. loss
7. business problems
8. external influences
9. love and marriage
10. birth
11. parting or illness
12. good news
13. grief
14. help from a friend
15. care needed
16. travel
17. changing plans
18. great success

While focusing on a matter for which you, or someone you’re reading for, you should be able to get a simple brief answer from one of the numbers listed above. For a more in depth reading, the use of a labeled 12 segmented circle can provide details should they be desired.
A circle is evenly divided into 12 sections, much like a pie chart or…like your typical large pizza, and labeled with specific areas of interest. Clockwise they are; enemies, friends, work, mind, legal, love, health, the present, domestic or home life, travel, next years outlook, and finances.

Each of the three dice will land in a segment and are interpreted individually. For example, you throw the dice and one lands in mind, one lands in finances, and one lands in love. The number facing upwards from 1-6 are interpreted as such;

1. pretty good
2. your success depends on others
3. great success
4. problems
5. good indications
6. uncertainty

As with any divination method, you’ll want to put your own spin on it. Maybe the definitions don’t quite work for you or you feel the need to change a segment in the circle, do it! If you use Tarot or anything like it, you know that accuracy and comfort with your tools are achieved by personalizing and acquainting yourself with them. Do what works best for you!

Have a great day!
Love, Light, & Blessings,



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