Life Path 1 In-Depth



* Perfectionist * Ambitious * Leader * Determined * Optimist

People with the Life Path of 1 are very active and strong willed. You are good at finishing projects you start and are also ambitious. You need quick solutions to any and all problems and need to see the results. However, if things do not go as planned, your temper is quick to flare. You do not handle criticism very well and this is due to your perfectionism.

Work: It is best for you to maintain a leadership role at work. You’re not afraid of a little hard work and often opt for the project everyone else avoids. You are full of new ideas and plans and it doesn’t take much to gain an initiative to begin turning thoughts into a reality.

Love: In relationships you are the dominant one…or at least you want to be. Your partner needs to understand that you are a hard worker but they also see the softer side of you underneath it all. You are a very giving lover and have no problem showing your attraction to others.

Most compatible with 3 & 5

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Love, Light & Blessings



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