Life Path 2 In-Depth



* Nurturer * Emotional * Giving * Sensitive * Moody

Life Path 2 is, in my opinion, the most emotional life path. Represented by the Moon; it goes without saying that people of this life path can be extremely moody at times. Being a 2, you are ruled by your emotions, shy, and although you may not be aware of it; a  very strong empath. You are known as a ‘peacemaker’ and can restore harmony in otherwise chaotic environments.

Work: People with this life path make excellent teachers, counselors, caregivers, and massage therapists. You are the ‘brains’ behind the operation at work and don’t mind not receiving all the praise for it. This humbleness can also be your downfall. Your ego is a sensitive one and most likely, you get hurt or upset very easily.

Love: Your sensitivity allows you to be a passionate and concerned partner romantically. You have the best intentions with your partners and honestly know what it is they want, and being a giver…you give it to them! Should a lover cross you however, you can be very vindictive.

Most compatible with 8 & 9

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Love, Light, & Blessings,



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