Life Path 3 In-Depth


3* Entertainer * Independent * Comedian * Adaptable * Ambitious

People with the life path 3 are notorious for bringing joy to any situation and being the life of the party. Truly a group of flourishing people, your happiness and positivity infect the people around you. You feel comfortable in many different situations and can consider anywhere your ‘home.’ It’s likely you were considered the ‘class clown’ however, at times you use your sense of humor to mask your true sincerity.

Work: An overwhelming amount of millionaires are a life path 3. In order to achieve that monetary status, for you, it’s all about who you know and the right social circles you find yourself in. Jupiter rules the life path 3, which is known as the bringer of good fortune. Writers, filmmakers, journalists, and social sciences are all good career choices for a life path 3.

Love: Chances are, you have high standards for a person you want to be in a relationship with. You don’t often move on quickly and at times, nothing and no one seems to be good enough. Friends and family may pressure you to pursue relationships that you just aren’t ready for. The good news is that holding out for the person you feel is best for you with no hesitations will give you everything you need in a relationship.

Most compatible with 5 & 1

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Love, Light, & Blessings,♥StarzKarmicKyra



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