Life Path 4 In-Depth


4* Stable * Grounded * Organized * Quiet * Calculated *

To others you could seem depressed and excessively pensive, little do they know just how much is actually going on in your head! Your gears are always turning and you are constantly coming up with alternative solutions and ideas to otherwise common and overlooked topics. Because of this, you can be very tenacious, causing you to think, think again, then reassess, and think some more! You do lack some self confidence but those closest to you definitely believe otherwise.

Work: You find your strengths in the sciences and almost all of the technical field. You are not one to give up first and should you have to put thought or projects down, without a doubt you will return to them and tackle them. Social status means a lot to you and constantly strive to achieve a prestigious position. Life path 4’s make excellent accountants, lawyers, and architects.

Love: Your imagination, intensity, and passion make for quite an adventurous love life! You tend to be critical of lovers, however, which in turn may cause trust issues on their end. You are very picky about partners and require absolute fidelity. Chances are, you have been lead on a few more times than you are comfortable with. Being finicky about who you choose to settle down with, if patient, will work out in your favor.

Most compatible with life paths 2 & 6

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Love, Light, & Blessings,




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