Life Path 5 In Depth


5* Restless * Impulsive * Daring * Adventurous * Lively *

Your liveliness and quick-witted personality makes you a crowd pleaser in most company. People enjoy having you around as the life of the party. At times you can be restless and nervous which may force you to ‘do your own thing’ more often than not. You love unusual and daring situations and are very versatile.

Work: The drive behind your career choice is typically money and success. Also, how risky the business is. You hate counting pennies and will always help a friend or family out when they are in need, even if you don’t have much to begin with. Your extremist personality however, can lead to unnecessary expenses. The most ideal career choices for life path 5 are travel, outdoors, antique dealing, and public relations.

Love: You probably don’t have a hard time finding romantic suitors. As a woman you may get along better with men and as a man, you may get along better with women. You are able to easily familiarize yourself with how others feel and think, making you the ideal friend and lover. Chances are, you at one point in time ‘ran with the wrong crowd,’ and fell for the wrong guy or girl more than once.

Most compatible with 1,3 & 7

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Love, Light, & Blessings,




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