Life Path 6 In Depth


6* Generous * Protective * Domestic * Naive * Flirtatious *

People with the life path of 6 are known as ‘the caretakers.’ You care deeply about other people and always want to fix any of their problems, no matter what it takes. This is where the keyword naive comes in. You find yourself wanting to believe that everyone is good and that everyone will appreciate your help. Of course, there are people out there who will not thank you or welcome the help. This can cause lots of frustration because all you want to do is care for others. Do not forget to focus on your own needs, however. Time for yourself can be spend in an organic and pure natural location as this is where you mentally thrive.

Work: With your compassion and protective nature, as a 6 you would make an excellent nurse or doctor. Other social care occupations will work out as well. Once you feel that you are needed, you apply your power and energy in every case. People are naturally attracted to you.

Love: Few life paths are as sexually open-minded as you are, even from a young age. Later in life, both male and female life path 6’s develop into motherly types, wanting and thriving in a home environment. Along with maturity come the appreciation and need for home and family life.

Most compatible with 2 & 9

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Love, Light & Blessings,




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