Life Path 7 In Depth


7* Spiritual * Intelligent * Insecure * Imaginative * Noble *

Life path 7’s are known as ‘the seeker.’ You will seek the truth in everything and will not rest until you do so. You are a dreamy sort of intelligence and can be very socially awkward at times. Though you struggle with low self-esteem, you easily come off as selfish to other people. People with this life path are very spiritual, not religious, and have what is known as a ‘telephone line to heaven.’ This means that you have intensified clairvoyant abilities. Your mind is your greatest tool yet your biggest obstacle.

Work: With your creative talent, the ideal career choices for you are in mathematics, science, and the performing acts. Recognition and appreciation are as important to you as food and you are so eager to climb the highest peaks. You know a little about a lot which can really irritate people who are threatened by this intelligence.

Love: You are rarely bored in relationships and are one of the most romantic signs due to your creativity. You do tend to, however, digress and push loved ones away. The one you choose as your life partner will have to understand that retreating into your own mind, wants, and needs is just a part of who you are.

Most compatible with 5 & 7.

For a more detailed look at life path compatibilities, click here!

Love, Light, & Blessings,




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