Life Path 9 In Depth


9* Dominating * Self-Sufficient * Romantic * Tough * Humanitarian *

Most life path 9’s find themselves amongst the strongest and most durable and this is most likely due to difficult childhood/adolescence. You have no problem leading an independent life and are extremely self-sufficient because anything you’ve ever wanted in your life, you’ve had to do yourself. You overcome obstacles easily and your motto really is, ‘what doesn’t kill me, makes me stronger.’

Work: In your career life, you are often unhappy as an employee or subordinate. Your goals are so high you need to be in control and demand of them. The best case scenario is a leader or managerial position. Your employees will have no doubt that you will unwaveringly fight for their, and your, best interests. Ideal career fields deal with human resources, social services, and visual arts.

Love: Due to the amount of obstacles and hard times you have endured at any point in your life, you have taught yourself patience though you cannot stand resistance. You would like to be the dominant one in relationships though the best situation for you is someone equally as head strong to keep you grounded. You will always support your loved ones, whether they are viewed as right or wrong.

Most compatible with 2 & 6.

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Love, Light, & Blessings,




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