Life Path 11 In Depth – Master Number


11* The Most Intuitive *

* Instinctual * Charismatic * Anxious * Philosophical * Dreamer *

Simply put, life path 11 is a magnified life path 2. You are the most intuitive of all life path numbers and your strength is to finish what you start. Highly empathic, you are able to understand the feelings and inner workings of most people however, your fear and anxieties often get in the way of truly embracing your psychic abilities.

Work: With your empathic abilities, a career in the health field would be most beneficial to you. You are highly charismatic, making everyone love to be around you. You are very inventive which enables you to share ideas with colleagues, potentially changing your work atmosphere drastically.

Love: You must be careful in relationships as being an 11 causes you to spend quite a lot of time in a ‘dreaming’ stage and often times unrealistic. You need a partner who will match your philosophical mindset. Mental attraction will override the physical attraction.

Most compatible with 8, 9, 33

For a detailed look at life path compatibilities, click here.

Love, Light, & Blessings,




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