Life Path 22 In Depth – Master Number


22* The Master Builder *

* Confident * Ambitious* Disciplined * Successful * Dictatorial *

One of and possible the most successful of all numbers. Life Path 22, or a magnified 4, represents the second master number as the master Builder. This term and be interpreted both literally and figuratively. Making up roughly 4% of the worlds population, these people are the ones to turn dreams into reality. They also carry along with them, the strong ability to innovate, build, and create.

Work: You make the strongest managerial or authoritative type because you have these great goals in mind, however at times are incredibly indecisive. You apply, often debilitating, pressure upon yourself to do the best job possible and should you not fulfill your own standards, you wallow in it for too long. You must learn in this life, to put more trust and faith into others and do not be afraid of failure!

Love: Not only do you feel you may never live up to your OWN standards, you feel this way about romantic partners as well. You can be very picky when it comes to love and they must let you be the driver. A person with the life path 2 may be the best balance for you as they are the most nurturing of life paths and will see the compassion you really do have.

Most compatible with life paths 2 & 6.

For a detailed look at life path compatibilities, click here!

Love, Light, & Blessings,





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