Life Path 33 In Depth – Master Number


33* The Master Healer *

* Understanding * Knowledgeable * Humanitarian *  Protective * Altrustic *

Representing the Master Healer, 33 has the energy of an amplified 6 as well as the energies of 11 and 22. Life path 33’s are extremely rare and should you be graced with the presence of one, you are in the company of someone who shares a life path with Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, and Abbott Handerson Thayer; just to name a few. Very often, 33’s are acutely unaware of the powers they truly possess and rarely fulfill their life’s true potential. They can be so self-sacrificing that they often lose sight of what is important to them and can even become completely out of touch with themselves. As someone who devotes their lives to the wellness of others, this is quite typical.

Work: You may often find yourself volunteered for a leadership position, or you are the one whom people most consult in your workplace. You may not understand or even like this idea however once you accept this, it will become second nature to guide people in the right direction. You always have the best intentions for everyone who surrounds you and may even feel a deep desire to help them…even if it means sacrificing your own needs.

Love: As with your intentions in your career or workplace, the same is true in love and relationships. Your intense need to help others can often hinder a relationship, should your partner reject your suggestions and constant hand holding. This is also true if your partner simply doesn’t understand that almost everyone comes before yourself, causing resentment. The best scenario is to partner with a fellow humanitarian who can understand your want to make the world a better place. Then they will see and loving, tender, selfless, and passionate you really are.

Most compatible with life paths 33, 6, and 9.

For a detailed look at life compatibilities click here!

Love, Light, & Blessings,




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