Numerology In House Numbers – What Your House Number Means



Most of us know how home makes us feel but did you know that it’s a lot more than the color of your kitchen or the pictures of your family on your walls that make it feel that way? Numbers are everywhere and with them comes a vibrational make up, a definition if you will, and they just so happen to be on the places we call home!

How To Calculate Your House (or Apartment) Number

House numbers are calculated by adding all of the digits in the street number of your address, reducing if necessary and arriving at a one digit sum.

For Example: Picture1 The same formula will apply if the house number is two, three, or more than four digits long. If the house number is already one digit then no reduction is needed, you already have your number!

This formula can also be extended by using both the house number and the name of the street you live on. In which the following is true:

A, J, S = 1                    E, N, W = 5                    I, R = 9

B, K, T = 2                    F, O, X = 6

C, L, U = 3                    G, P, Y = 7

D, M, V = 4                    H, Q, Z = 8

Using the address in the image above, 1732 Street Road would translate into:

1+7+3+2+1+2+5+5+2+9+6+1+4 = 48

Reducing to a single digit:



As you can see, it is possible (and most likely) you will arrive at a different number which would redefine the energetic makeup of the address. I like to read both meanings and see which defines my residence more.

Side Note:

If you live in an apartment that includes both numbers and letters, combine those letters as well when determining your house number.

House Number 1

Number 1 houses encourage independence, leadership and ambition. These houses are great for people who are self-employed particularly if they work out of their homes. 1 houses tend to stand out from others on the same street as they are most of the time occupied by pioneer-minded people. These homes should be simply decorated; ‘less is more,’ and clutter should be kept to a bare minimum. Homes with a 1 vibration are not recommended for those seeking a partner as a 1 is THE number for independence. These houses tend to build self-esteem and self-discipline and make great homes for artists and innovators.

Strengthen the positive influences of this number with the colors white, gold, orange and red, as well as plants and aquariums.

House Number 2

Number 2 houses promote homeliness, stability, comfort and romance. These houses are great for young couples, best friends and young families. 2 houses tend to attract others and often are the center for family gatherings or community events as everyone seems to get along well while in this house. These homes need visitors as a single dweller may suffer from loneliness while living here. Homes with a 2 vibration should have plentiful furniture with plush carpets and feminine touches. Those who visit 2 houses will immediately feel at home.

Compliment this houses influences with the colors pink, whites, and creams. Throw pillows can also be beneficial addition.

House Number 3

Number 3 houses promote optimism, creativity, and liveliness. These houses are great for artists, singles, and families just starting out. 3 houses make excellent gathering places for friends and family where fun is the main attraction. These homes are notorious for inspiring innovative and unique ideas however, the 3 vibration can walk a fine line between chaos and order as they have the tendency to feel slightly unfocused or directionless. Homes with a 3 vibration should have unconventional furniture and even unmatched decor. These houses tend to clash with overly religious or very serious people.

Play up this houses positive vibrations with playful colors such as yellow, purple, or blues.

House Number 4

Number 4 houses promote dependability, stability and protection. These houses are great for investors and people who prefer settling to adventure. 4 houses can strengthen financial responsibility, overall maturity and personal relationships. These homes are not well suited for people who prefer free-flowing and creative spaces because the 4 encourages concentration and hard work. 4 houses are tend to be ‘slow and steady’ and are great for students and knowledge seekers. These houses tend to feel heavy in a sense due to the discipline and order it invokes. It’s a good idea to lighten up the density of this house with interior plants and outdoor gardens.

Strengthen the positive influences of this number with earthy, muted tones, wooden furniture and drapery.

House Number 5

Number 5 houses promote individuality, freedom, and creativity. These houses are best suited for artists, architects and single adults as a 5 houses is all about movement and adventure and less about stability and groundedness. These homes are great for single adults aiming for self-discovery and to those looking to find a partner in which their relationship will blossom and eventually they move on together. Things are constantly moving at a 5 home with people coming and going and creative ideas flow. 5 houses tend to have abundant motor vehicles in the driveway or plenty of transportation resources. Because these homes can feel restless at times, those living here should invest in a life plan or at the very least a goal system.

Compliment this home’s positive influences with bright colors, unmatched furniture, and lots of open spaces.

House Number 6

Number 6 houses promote domesticity, balance, and equality. Known as one of the best homes for families and partnership…even the one with yourself. These homes are extremely healing as the number 6 itself is all about harmony and nurturing. Young and teenage children also do well here because it inspires responsibility and caring for others. A 6 house is harmonious with nearly every personality and lifestyle and will enable the dwellers to find the balance between taking care of others and taking care of oneself. A hideout or a nook make great additions to a home with a 6 vibration.

Play up this houses vibrations with fun colors, plenty of art (especially art made by children) and indoor and outdoor activities.

House Number 7

Number 7 houses most dominantly inspire spiritual growth and exploration. These homes invoke the deepest thoughts, the meaning behind meaning if you will. People in these homes will find themselves delving into the mysteries of life and the knowledge of life. Better suited for single people who do not struggle with loneliness. A 7 home will help to explore one’s inner wisdom and is great for beginning or continuing meditation.

Strengthen the positive influences of this number with light colors such as whites, creams, beige’s and touches of purple. Minimal furniture, clutter and technological devices.

House Number 8

Number 8 houses inspire achievement, ambition and self-motivation. These houses are most ideal for the self-employed and self-disciplined. An 8 house will encourage financial growth, hard work and rewards for hard work completed. It is likely that the value of an 8 house will increase over time thus enabling its dwellers to accrue wealth over time. Best suited for business oriented people as well as singles and families.

Compliment this homes vibrations with earthy shades, big furniture, fire places, and open spaces.

House Number 9

Number 9 houses inspire leadership, charity and personal growth. Single women tend to do the best in these homes and families are not best suited for them. A 9 house will encourage emotional regeneration and rest. People who live here often offer their spare spaces/rooms for those who need it as the number 9 strongly invokes humanitarianism. Financial luck and gain are also likely. These houses tend to struggle with electrical problems so it is important to create the balance with plenty of house plants.

Compliment this house with calm colors, lots of plants, open windows and whimsical designs.

In some cases, you will find that the vibration of your house does not quite work for you or your family. In order to change this you can change the houses vibration by adding a number to the inside of your home, big or small, to change it to a number that better suits its dwellers.

“A chaque oiseau, son nid est beau.”
To every bird, its own nest is beautiful.



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