The Number 13


The ever ominous number 13 has had all sorts of stigmas attached to it. There are even people who suffer from a phobia of the number 13 which has been given the term Triskaidekaphobia. Statistically, 13 is considered a Karmic Debt number in Numerology, however if we delve a little deeper, we will find how beautiful and positive the number truly is!

Some theories as to why 13 is ‘unlucky’:

  • Friday the 13th was considered ‘unlucky’ because it was the day that King Philip IV of France ordered the arrest of the Knights Templar.
  • Apollo 13 an unsuccessful mission made to the moon by the United Stated of America. The oxygen tank exploded, but the astronauts made it back safely.
  • The 13th apostle to arrive at the Last Supper, Judas Iscariot, was the person who betrayed Jesus.
  • Norse lore tells of evil and turmoil first being introduced by the troublesome god Loki to a dinner party in Valhalla. Thus being the 13th guest which upset the balance of the 12 gods already present.
  • While 12 is regarded a number of ‘wholeness’ (i.e 12 months of the year, 12 gods of Olympus, 12 hours of the clock, 12 tribes of Israel, 12 Apostles of Jesus, 12 Descendants of Muhammad Imams etc) 13 is said to disrupt this and in turn is considered ‘unlucky.’

Why 13 is actually a positive number:

  • If you see the number 13, the Universe is signifying a change is coming your way.
  • In Egypt, there are 13 steps on the ladder that leads to eternity. The 13th step is said that once the soul reaches it, it attains spiritual completion.
  • There are 13 moons in a calendar year so the number 13 naturally is associated with the Moon and represents femininity, magic, psyche and emotions.
  • “..In music, the chromatic scale is composed of 13 notes 8 whole notes, which are represented by the white keys on the piano, and 5 half tones, which are represented by the black keys. The 13th note becomes the first and last note of the octave.” – Deeva from Embrace Your Bliss
  • The number 1 and 3 while present together, tell a story of the beginning (1) of the union of opposites (3). This is a great thing!
  • When combined for Numerology, 13 is reduced to a 4 (1+3) and 4 is the number of stability and groundedness.
  • 13 is a Prime number, only divisible by itself. In Numerology, this is symbolic of incorruptible nature, integrity and purity.
  •  In Greece, 13 is a number of good fortune as it represents the 13th and most powerful god, Zeus.
  • Many times, the number 13 has been associated with the Divine Feminine;
    “Thirteen is…the number traditionally associated with the Divine Feminine. In ancient times there were thirteen ‘moonths’ in a year, since there are thirteen full moons, and therefore thirteen menstrual cycles annually. The thirteenth letter of the alphabet is a letter associated with many things feminine, including mother, mom, mama, mammary glands, menstruation and one of the most powerful feminine archetypes in the world, the Virgin Mary.” – Meryl Ann Butler
“13 is ‘The Return of the Goddess in all things’ – Meryl Ann Butler
“…The Sacred Power of 13 brings and carries the frequency resonance of Transcendence of matter and the embodiment of ascension, the new earth frequency code, Unity and Oneness, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Shekinah and Sophia; natural rhythms coming into balance and sacred order; taking back your power through the sacred divine feminine…” – Meryl Ann Butler
“Consequently, as the number 13 also corresponds to the sacred feminine energy, a fear of the power of women became widely instilled during these times, and led to tens of thousands of murders of women during the dark ages and the rise of Patriarchy in Church and Politics up to present day.” – Deeva from Embrace Your Bliss

Hopefully this has given you some alternative perspectives on the otherwise ‘unlucky’ number 13. Things are not always what they seem!

Love, Light & Blessings,




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