What About Those Double Digits?


One of the basic rules of Numerology is to reduce until we arrive to a single (or Cardinal) digit but this begs the question, ‘what about the double digits?’ ‘Do they mean anything?’ When forming a Numerological Chart, many Numerologists will include the double digit as well as the single digit (i.e 21/3 or 35/8) because while it’s not the final answer we’re looking for, we can’t exactly ignore it as it influences our Cardinal digit.

The characteristics of an 8 (reduced from 35) has both characteristics of a 3 and a 5. So while the Life Path may be a rigid and authoritative 8, that person will also identify with the creative aspects of the 3 as well as the freedom loving traits of the 5.

We can consider meanings from double digits anywhere in our Numerological Charts; our Life Path number, Destiny/Expression number, Soul Urge/Heart’s number, Personality number and Birthday number. Below are the meanings of such double digits.

10    Extremely goal-oriented, very focused, strong leadership skills.

11    Master Number, one of the most intuitive, at times neurotic, high energy.

12   Extremely innovative, individualistic, and unpredictable.

13    Persevering and keen to moderate advancement.

14    Wild, craves change and enterprise.

15    Cherishing, overlooking, patient.

16    Awesome potential for otherworldly development and self-learning.

17   Seeks answers to lives questions, confidence and equalization.

18    Involved with business on a universal scale.

19    Solid and individualistic; independent and sure.

20    Excessively touchy, instinctive and sensitive to feedback.

21    Refer to 12, but more intuitive.

22    Requesting and over the top; likes to push their boundaries.

23    People loving and is an opportunity warrior, an advocate of causes.

24    Directs and solaces others.

25    Enjoys group settings, all about spiritual growth.

26    Superb in business and administration.

27    Advocate, volunteer, and a craftsman.

28    Refer to 10, but more empathy and patience.

29    Refer to 11, but more crass and less social.

30    All about correspondence and imagination.

31    An outgoing individual and more carefree than other 4’s.

32    Refer to 23, but more delicate and irritable at times.

33   Soothes others, speaks to generosity and convictions.

34    Exceptionally wise, otherworldly, liberal.

35    Innovative in business; inventor, technologically inclined.

36    Extremely creative.

37    A pioneer, researcher and unquenchable peruser.

38    Refer to 11, but more down to earth.

39    Loves the Arts, dance, and theater.

40    Extremely composed, precise and systematic.

41    Refer to 14.

42    Refer to 24, but with more concentration on politics.

43    Refer to 34.

44    Imaginative and a hard worker.

45    Skeptical and naturally skilled in business matters.

46    Refer to 10, but with less sensitivity.

47    Refer to 11.

48    Organized and perceptive.

49    Refer to 13.

50    Opportunist, cherishing and adaptable to a great degree.

51    Refer to 15, but more autonomous and forceful.

52    Refer to 25, but more delicate, spiritual and inventive.

53    Refer to 35, but more communicative, innovative and interested in industry and commerce.

54    Refer to 45, but less structured and orderly.

55    Free spirit and enjoys exploration.

56    Refer to 11.

57    Very smart and original.

58    Dedicated and bound for achievement.

59    Enticing and persuading.

60    Caring, mindful and dependable.

61    Experiences issues with affection and connections and puts family first.

62    Refer to 26.

63    Refer to 36, but more of an introvert.

64    Refer to 46, but disorganized and artistic.

65    Refer to 56.

66    Financially unstable.

67    Highly intelligent and artistically inclined.

68    Business minded; extremely dependable.

69    Exceptionally dependable and benevolent.

70    Recluse like introvert and truth seeker

71    Refer to 17, but slightly more timid.

72    Refer to 27.

73    Refer to 37.

74    Refer to 47 and 11.

75    Refer to 57, but more critical.

76    Refer to 67.

77    Very smart, innovative, and wise.

78    Has difficulty balancing material and spiritual needs.

79    Attracted to political leadership and metaphysics.

80    Dependent at times and successful in business fields.

81    Refer to 18, but more materialistic, can be violent at times.

82    Refer to 28.

83    Refer to 38, but more rigid.

84    Refer to 48, but idealizes and formulates.

85    Refer to 58, with more masculine aspects.

86    Refer to 68, but more selfish.

87    Refer to 78.

88    Can be hypocritical, good in business and struggles with personal relationships.

89    Loves travel though not a fan of solitude.

90    Benevolent and down to earth, at times very religious.

91    Creative, blunt speaker, and successful.

92    Refer to 11, but more of a humanitarian.

93    Refer to 39.

94    Refer to 49.

95    Refer to 59.

96    Refer to 69.

97    Refer to 79, but more empathic.

98    Refer to 89.

99    A genius with the Arts.

Love, Light & Blessings,




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