The Best Gifts For The Life Paths


“She is IMPOSSIBLE to shop for!”

“I never know what to get them!”

We have all been there and it’s an incredibly frustrating experience! In light of the Holiday Season, I thought now would be a good time to share with you, the most ideal gifts for the Life Paths. Anything helps right? Especially for those that we struggle with gifting year after year!

For this, you need to know the receivers full birth date and by adding month, day and year, you will arrive at their Life Path. I also believe that simply the day on which they were born and adding (i.e 14th = 5) can be just as good of a clue as the Life Path. For this we will also respectively reduce our Master Numbers (i.e 11 = 2, 22 = 4, 33 = 6, 44 = 8).

Gifts for 1’s

The Thrill Seeker! They always seem to be in a rush to go all around and set the world ablaze. They want to be the first and anything bizarre or different will be valued. For ladies, fashion accessories and organizers are going to win their hearts. For the men gadgetry will be most welcomed. Tickets to a game or concert are additionally liable to be loved by number 1 individuals.

Gifts for 2’s

The Emotional One! Loves family and home life while delicate and imaginative. Family photographs for their work areas with old silver edges would be the perfect present for them. They value a sentimental night at home with a home-cooked meal, candlelight and a fine wine. Pearls, silver, maybe new cookware, or a scrapbook with recollections of you two will win their hearts. Number 2’s love to be spoiled. Hand-made presents that demonstrate your genuine affection will make huge impacts.

Gifts for 3’s

The Scholar! They are constantly ravenous of information so educational books can be the perfect present for them. They would appreciate an aquarium, a recolored glass window, a zen garden or even a psychic reading. Essential oils, luxurious toiletries and fragrances are also enjoyed. They frequently have some musical ability also so music and/or musical gear are liable to be a decent decision.

Gifts for 4’s

The Grounded One! They are the most observing yet down to earth and value anything that they can utilize and to keep their life all together in a nice neat package. A cowhide satchel or planner would make great presents. Spa getaways for a facial or nail trim would likewise very much valued. Non-fiction books are liable to be a safe bet for both genders.

Gifts for 5’s

The Freedom Lover! These individuals typically need to discover and learn. They’d like anything silver or yellow. They may enjoy a personalized book or other media device including some of your most loved sonnets, tunes, and so on. Journals, logbooks, calligraphy lessons or pens are all great decisions. Instructive books ought to be generally welcomed. Their ruler Mercury is the planet of correspondence, so phone and Internet frill are liable to be winners also.

Gifts for 6’s

The Domestic One! They know how to welcome the better things and excellence in life. Fragrances, fragrant healing, scarves, gems are a percentage of the best presents for them. They get great vitality from things made of copper or anything exotic. Music is always a good one.For ladies, necklaces would be suitable. For either sex, gifts that let them to express their own particular inventive natures would also be loved.

Gifts for 7’s

The Mystic! They love to have the most recent device or electronic. The palm PC or wristwatch coordinates well with their character. Film tickets particularly of magical motion pictures (think Harry Potter) or New Age books keep them smiling. They are a touch bizarre and individualistic. Anything uncommon and bizarre will satisfy them. They are liable to be into New Age treatments so Reiki or Acupuncture are great gifts as are telescopes or books of mysterious subjects.

Gifts for 8’s

The Story Lover! They have love for history and cultures. Autobiographies about power people from history will be appreciated. They like things to be done in the right way. Antiques will be generally welcomed especially antique jewelry with a ‘story’. Anything that has a stamp of class and great history on it will be enjoyed. For them, gifts ought to be down to earth and tasteful.

Gifts for 9’s

The Thinker! They appreciate the sensual gifts, to be mild. Also lovers of knowledge, books and movies on abnormal and minimally known, yet fascinating, subjects are enjoyed. 9’s often are drawn towards puzzles and personal games. Exercise equipment or a gym membership will likely be appreciated as well. They are also accident prone at times so a travel First Aid kit would be a lighthearted, yet practical gift.

Hoping you have a safe and loving Holiday!

Love, Light & Blessings,



2 thoughts on “The Best Gifts For The Life Paths

  1. So, I”m not very familiar with numerology. To find my number, i add the month number, day number and entire year number, all 4 digits? then keep reducing?
    So 05/01/1958 would be 29 > 11 > = 2? Cuz if that’s the way it works, that is awesome, because Gifts for 2’s is perfect.

    • Kyra Sidwell-Harsh

      Correct Jo, adding each digit for your birthday totals 29 and in further reducing that you arrive at 11 which is actually a Master Number and therefore you could stop there. In theory, an 11 is an even more powerful 2. I have a post about Master Numbers as well that you could look at! Thank you for your comment!


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