March 2016 Numerology Forecast


“Spring is when you feel like whistling even with a shoe full of slush.” ~Doug Larson

Welcome to March! Being our third month of 2016, March brings with it the energies of the number 3. In and of itself, March is a time to embrace our creativity and look at the world again with child-like wonder. Here’s a look at what the month has in store for us!

To follow along with the monthly forecasts, you will first need to learn your personal year number for 2016 and then your personal month number. Follow along with this blog, and then add 2016 to it.

For example:

February 18th = 2/18

2+1+8 = 11

Current year = 2016

1+1+2+0+1+6 = 11

Reduce to single digit = 1+1 = 2

The Personal Year Number is 2. Now we add the month.

2 + 3 (March) = 5

The Personal Month Number is 5.

Personal Year 1

For the Personal Year Number 1, the Personal Month Number for March is 4.

March 2016 is your month for some good ol’ hard work! During this month, you will ‘sow the seeds to reap’ later on in the year. With the energy of the 4, now is the time for you to plan, organize and put things into motion and finally begin those projects you’ve been putting off! The not-so-good news is that having your nose constantly to the grindstone this month could cause frustrations, especially due to lack of energy or effort. However, the great news is, the rest of the year should prove to be pretty darn smooth after all the work you put in this month! Try your best to avoid procrastination. Remember, we get out what we put into our work, so no slacking! You’ll be most thankful for the remaining 9 months of the year!

March Motto – “Whistle while you work”

Personal Year 2

For the Personal Year Number 2, the Personal Month Number for March is 5.

March 2016 is your month to slow down and practice flexibility. February was your month for setting the pace and now it’s time to allow it all to settle into place. With the energy of the 5, this month will prove to be hectic and unpredictable at times so it’s best to try your best to be flexible and lay low. Do not struggle or resist if plans do not go your way. March will be a great month for you in social settings so go ahead and attend that event! The chances of meeting someone new are very high, as is receiving a phone call, email, etc from someone you haven’t heard from in a long while! Spring is in the air so please use your discretion should an old flame resurface this month!

March Motto – “Go with the flow”

Personal Year 3

For the Personal Year Number 3, the Personal Month Number for March is 6.

March 2016 is your month for relationships, both romantic and family. With the energy of the 6, any issues with family members, spouses, or partners will surface and most likely be resolved this month. There is strong possibility for a loved one to need extra care or attention this month and you are in the position to do just that! A little sacrifice goes a long way this month as you will benefit from the love and closeness you feel when doing something a little extra for someone else. This is also the month with the most romantic potential for you with relationships beginning, marriages and even divorces, as this month is driven towards commitment.

March Motto – “Love a little stronger” – Diamond Rio

Personal Year 4

For the Personal Year Number 4, the Personal Month Number for March is 7.

March 2016 is your month to further develop spiritually. With the energy of the 7, dreams and thoughts may be extra vivid this month. Pay special attention to your dreams and their meanings. Maybe this is the month to finally start a dream journal? Your mind will be sharper this month, enabling you to problem solve and gain insight! With all this internal hard work going on, you may feel yourself longing to spend some time alone, quietly reflecting and this will serve as a reset for you. Be aware however that the potential need for solitude may raise the eyebrows of those close to you wondering if something is wrong.

March Motto – “When you don’t go within, you go without” – Yogi Bhajan

Personal Year 5

For the Personal Year Number 5, the Personal Month Number for March is 8.

March 2016 is your month for focusing on your finances. Money issues are brought to the forefront now so be vigilant of your spending. With the energy of the 8, this month, people will either experience a windfall of money or go bankrupt. If you have been pushing smaller financial obligations off, now is the time to do them. However, big financial investments such as buying a car or home should be postponed for another two months if possible. Communication in close relationships could become misinterpreted this month. To avoid feeling misunderstood, take a few minutes to gather your thoughts and the points you want to make and approach the situation a bit later and a bit calmer.

March Motto – “Patience is bitter but it’s fruit is sweet” – Aristotle

Personal Year 6

For the Personal Year Number 6, the Personal Month Number for March is 9.

March 2016 is your month to counsel others and to grow forward. With the energy of the 9, this month, people often heal from personal losses, close those proverbial ‘doors’ and begin to focus on the ‘open’ ones. You will find that people come to you more often during this month for advice or a shoulder to lean on and you can do so willfully. Deeper bonds can be created now, allowing you to feel closer to those you may have felt previously estranged from. However, avoid committing to a long term relationship during this time, keep it slow and cautious.

March Motto – “We all need somebody to lean on” – Bill Withers

Personal Year 7

For the Personal Year Number 7, the Personal Month Number for March is 1.

March 2016 is your month for a confidence boost! Chances are, February was a pretty emotionally challenging month for you. Slowly but surely you will begin to feel the optimism that March brings to you. With the energy of the 1, now is a great time to start new projects, both at home and at work, and you do so with enthusiasm and excitement. You will truly feel like ‘Springtime’ as you blossom and approach situations with openness. A new or deepening romance is possible towards the end of the month.

March Motto – “Don’t put a ceiling on yourself” – Oprah Winfrey

Personal Year 8

For the Personal Year Number 8, the Personal Month Number for March is 2.

March 2016 is your month for diplomacy. This month, compassion and authority create a beautiful dance together. You’ve got the gift of persuasion and with the energies of the 2, people listen to and find inspiration in your ideas…and you’ve got a lot of them! With your sensitivity and tact, you earn yourself a fair amount of respect and acknowledgement from coworkers, friends and family. This is the month to focus on all the work ‘behind the scenes’ and the details that we may have previously taken for granted. There is a high possibility of developing a flirtatious relationship in your place of work.

March Motto – “It is tact that is golden, not silence” – Samuel Butler


Personal Year 9

For the Personal Year Number 9, the Personal Month Number for March is 3.

March 2016 is your month to take a break and enjoy life. Expressing your thoughts and ideas comes easier this month and with the energies of the 3, you find yourself in lighter and better moods. Emotions and logic now prove to be more balanced than the previous month and communication becomes free flowing. Embrace this time and visit with friends, take a vacation and broaden your social circle. New relationships could tend to be superficial this month while couples in long-term relationships enjoy a more playful time.

March Motto – “Wherever you are, be all there” – Jim Elliot

Love & Light,




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