About Kyra


I have been on my spiritual journey for 7 years now with my true awakening happening only 2 years ago. During these months, so many of my personal attributes (quirks), past experiences, words spoken, music heard, places visited, have been given a meaning and a purpose.

I met my beautiful husband and became a step-mother at 19, bio-mother at 20, again at 21, and again at 24. A lot of what I am today is because of my children and husband. Any mother and wife can attest to that. My children teach me patience, unconditional love, and child-like innocence. My husband taught, and still teaches me, how beautiful struggle can be, how fulfilling success with hard work is, that intense passion actually exists, and that my soul has a partner with alike goals and values.

In March of 2012, I met my spiritual adviser/life coach/past life mother. I accredit her with introducing me to who I really am and how I got that way. She supplied the tools, knowledge, and love for me to take what I had gained and run with it. I have spent numerous consuming hours researching and learning all I can about everything I need to. Learning was never anything I enjoyed doing, and now, it’s ‘food for my brain.’ I simply cannot function without learning. I love asking questions…and I even question my questions! Sometimes I talk in circles but eventually I get where I need to be :)

I was born to service others whether it’s through advice, through my art, my love…anything, I know that to give is to receive and  helping others is what I am meant to do.

Love, Light, & Blessings to you

♥ StarzKarmicKyra




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